NFOA Members Meeting Update…

Now that we are less than a month away from this event, it is time to begin disclosing some of the scheduled presentations & activities that will take place!

We are excited to have Thomas Howard of Precision Response Training returning this year! He is one of the areas top trainers & he will be conducting a presentation that is sure to help you evaluate where you are & where you can improve in regards to firearms proficiency!
Precision Response Training has also graciously offered to operate a Steel Challenge competition after lunch, so make sure you do not forget to bring your gear!

Visit Precision Response online for all of your training needs!

Nebraska Firearms Owners Association's photo.
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Meeting Update…We are one month away from the N.F.O.A. Annual Members Meeting!

Have you made plans to attend & enjoy the most 2nd Amendment action that can possibly be crammed into one single day?

We are very pleased to have Shawn Whittington Jr. of 88 Tactical with us this year with another must see Class! Shawn is well versed in both medical & tactical training…His ‘Verbal Defense/Basic Combatives’ class will be beneficial to all who attend!

Visit 88 Tactical online see their class offerings, instructor bios, or to keep tabs on construction of their state of the art facility!

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Criminal Charges Dropped, Guns Returned To Lincoln Nebraska Man Helped By SAF

BELLEVUE, WA – Criminal charges have been dropped against a Nebraska man whose expensive firearms collection was seized in a case involving a misdemeanor conviction some years ago for carrying a knife that was an eighth-inch too long, and the Second Amendment Foundation was delighted to assist in the effort.

Kevin Williams of Lincoln was prosecuted under a local ordinance, but when the case came to trial, the case was dropped and his firearms were returned, noted SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb.

“When we learned of this case,” he said, “we couldn’t resist getting involved. When somebody faces losing his firearms collection over an old misdemeanor conviction because he had a knife blade that was a fraction of an inch too long, that just seems silly. Turns out we were right.”

“This wrongful prosecution should never have begun,” noted attorney David Sigale of Glen Allyn, Ill., who took the case for SAF. “We are pleased that Mr. Williams is out of criminal jeopardy, and that the government has relinquished its forfeiture claim on Mr. William’s constitutionally protected property. This is a reminder that the Constitution and Second Amendment apply all throughout Nebraska.”

Gottlieb noted that even in a pro-rights state like Nebraska, there can be a bad law on the books that results in a conviction that has long-reaching ramifications.

“Mr. Williams’ substantial gun collection is being returned,” Gottlieb said. “While this case may not seem important, it is one more small step in our legal efforts to protect firearms freedom. We spent several thousand dollars on this case because it was the right thing to do. We’re grateful to members and supporters whose generous contributions make it possible for us to get involved in cases like this.”




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NFOA annual members meeting coming soon!

Join us Saturday August 22nd for a fun filled day for the entire family! We will be hosting our Annual Members Meeting at Heartland Shooting Park in Grand Island & we would love to see you there! There will be guest speakers, demonstrations, great food, & plenty of hands on activities for everyone!


Do not worry if you are Not yet a member of the N.F.O.A….there is still time to Take A Stand With Us! Basic Membership is ALWAYS FREE & we will Not harass you for money after you join! Visit & join the 7600+ Nebraskans who are with us in supporting the 2nd Amendment!

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Welcome to the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association

NFOA membership is open to all types of firearms owners as long as you are a resident of the state of Nebraska. Whether you are a trap shooter, long-range rifle shooter, concealed handgun permit holder, air gun, rifle and or shotgun hunter, NFA firearms enthusiast or belong to any other group of firearms owners, you are welcome to join our organization.

We are local firearms owners who have a personal interest in representing firearms owners rights in Nebraska. While there are much larger firearms owner groups and lobbyists, we have a personal stake right here in fighting for our rights. We do not have big money to fly in lobbyists from the coasts, we do not have the money to wine and dine Legislators, and we are just everyday normal Nebraska residents like you who want our voices to be heard by the various law makers. We will operate on what money is donated to us voluntarily.

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