Minutes of the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association December 2011 Board Meeting.

Minutes of the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association December 2011 Board Meeting.

The meeting opened at 7am on Friday, December 2nd, 2011.

A special Board Meeting on November 9th was held to fill the vacant Board of Directors position. Rod M. nominated Julie Howard, who had accepted nomination, and was seconded by Andy A. The nomination passed with eight aye votes.

1.) Approve November Board Meeting Minutes
Scott B. moved to approve the minutes as posted and Guy H. seconded. With eight aye votes, the motion passed.

2a.) Formation of Educational 501(c)3
Andy A. plans to have further info to report in the January Board Meeting.

2b.) Formation of a PAC
Andy A. stated currently on hold while fundraising ideas and a treasurer are worked out.

2c.) Sponsors/Supporters/Advertising
Andy A. said that unless new info is added this month, the topic will be removed from January meeting.

2d.) Lawsuit Updates
Andy A. summarized Omaha lawsuit wrapping up with injunction and the City revising the ordinance. This case is morphing into the next case in a series.

2e.) Legislative Agenda for 2012
Andy A. if there were any other legislative ideas.

2ei.) Carryover Items
ProtectVictimsNow.org website is functioning to educate on self defense laws and the need for reform.

2eii.) Firearms Freedom Act
Andy A. stated he would contact Senator Fulton about this.

2eiii.) Removal of prohibited places for CCW (banks/restaurant carry)
Andy A. moved that this initiative be postponed until 2013 and Scott B. seconded. The motion passed with nine aye votes.

2eiv.) Eligibility for CCW military spouses, foreign nationals
Andy A. has a draft for this initiative.

2f.) Let’s Raise Some Money
Andy A. asked for any additional ideas and none were offered.

2fi.) Kearney Gun Show banquet – April
Scott B. reported on the hall rental rates, catering, and liquor license. Andy A. suggested tickets to be sold at $35 and then moved to authorize up to $1000 for reservation of facilities and caterer, authorize a budget of $5000 to purchase items for the auction, and for a Friends of the NFOA committee to be headed by Scott B. and Guy H. with other committee members to be selected from NFOA membership. Wesley D. seconded and motion passed with nine aye votes. Chris Z. and Julie H. opposed using any NFOA funds to purchase any alcohol for the event and asked that attendee purchase their own alcohol.

2fii.) Fall Raffle
Scott B. reported he only has over 800 tickets left and said he needs all stubs and payment returned to him ASAP.

2g.) Organizational Partnerships
Andy A. reported an offer to use Signal 88’s facilities near Blair. Dan W. announced a new affiliate with link exchange: huntingne.com

2h.) Membership Recruitment/Updating
Andy A. asked for any new ideas and none were offered.

2i.) Work with G&P to develop a public range at WMA – Action report/update
Dan W. reported the committee has made good progress. Jeremy C. and Keith E. are to meet with a contact from the NGP soon. Report should be made next month.

Volunteers have been offering to help with the work on a regular basis.

As a result of this activity, the committee has developed and is currently running a survey online for the members and the public input information about the state of public and private shooting ranges throughout the state of Nebraska.

3.) Treasurers Report
Chris Z. reported the beginning book cash balance on 11/1/11 was $7613.64

We had net deposits totaling $175.00

Total expenditures were $49.14

One debit of $38.96 to Benchmark E-mail for e-mail services.
One debit of $10.18 for domain hosting services

The ending book cash balance on 11/30/11 was $7739.50

4.) Membership Report
Dan W. reported:
General membership 5077 increase of 28

Associate membership 25 no change

Youth membership 26 no change
Total membership 5128 on Dec. 2nd, 2011

All new members have been added to the NFOA mailing list

5.) NFOA Lobbyist
Andy A. asked for any ideas. Discussion emphasized that both the lobbyist’s location (preferably living near Lincoln) for availability and their views/qualifications are important. Speculation of one possible member was made, but no definitive suggestions were presented.

The December 2011 NFOA Board Meeting closed at 10pm on Tuesday December 6th, 2011.

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