Minutes of the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association April 6, 2012 Board Meeting.

Minutes of the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association April 6, 2012 Board Meeting.

The meeting opened at 7am on Friday, April 6th, 2012.

1.) Approve February Board Meeting Minutes
Rod M. moved to approve the minutes as posted and Julie H. seconded. With seven aye votes, the motion passed.

2a.) Formation of Educational 501(c)3
Andy A. reported that an additional member, Dave Beatty (HuskerXDM) has expressed interest in joining this committee. Andy will forward Dave info and details for next meeting. Toby M. spoke with Jeff from the G&P and came up with some good questions that the group needs to answer.

2b.) Formation of a PAC
Andy A. reported that he may have found a qualified Treasurer for the PAC who has experience and is interested. Also there is interest from Exeter Arms to host a fundraiser shoot for the PAC once established. Wesley D. noted that an Exeter Arms fundraiser would be great for the more sporty/tactical shooters and a clays/hunting oriented fundraiser up at 88 Tactical for the more oudoorsmanish shooters could make for a pretty good kickoff year for the PAC.

2c.) Lawsuit Updates
Andy A. noted that the amendment to remove the requirement of citizenship from CCW eligibility failed and he requested leads on additional legal aliens interested in joining the lawsuit.

2d.) Kearney Gun Show Banquet
Guy H. stressed the need to begin advertising hard for the banquet.

2d i.) Carry at the Kearney Banquet
Both sides of the issue were presented and Wesley D. moved that the NFOA does not prohibit licensed CCW at the Kearney Banquet. After further discussion, Guy H. seconded the motion and the motion passed with seven aye votes and two nay votes. Andy A. then made the motion that it is the policy of the NFOA that for future events alcohol will not be served or allowed and Chris Z. seconded the motion. Guy H. suggested that the NFOA should be able to consider it on a case by case basis. With only two aye votes and one nay vote, the motion died without a quorum.

2e.) Ordering Materials (Brochures, Stickers etc.)
After discussion on current quantities of NFOA materials, Chris Z. made the motion to authorize $650 to reorder brochures and Dan W. seconded. With eight aye votes, the motion passed.

2f.) Work with G&P to develop a public range at WMA – Action report/update
Andy A reported a note from Jeremy C. a couple of weeks ago. In the committee meeting that they had that day, Jeff gave the presentation that was given to the G&P Board when they approved the plan to develop the ranges. There was a big piece of the presentation that showed the work that the NFOA did to assist with making this plan where there was a lot of credit given to the NFOA for this work, and credit given to the NFOA for the suggestions that our group had made in developing this plan.

Andy noted that the work the G&P Committee’s done has been a credit to the NFOA and has positioned us to have a strong partnership with the G&P when working on issues in the future. Work on range development is starting this spring (actually breaking ground), so we should be watching to see what happens.

2g.) Phone # For the NFOA
Chris Z. reported he has purchased a Magic Jack for the NFOA and said he needs to set time aside to set it up.

3.) Treasurers Report
Chris Z. reported:
Beginning Book balance 3/1/12 – $10,586.74

Total Expenditures – $130.30
– One debit for $38.97 for Benchmark email
– One debit for Apis Networks $91.33

Total Deposits – $144.30

Ending Book balance 3/31/12 – $10,600.74

4.) Membership Report
Dan W. reported:

General membership 5339 increase of 44 ( removed 1 duplicate)

Associate membership 27 no change
Youth membership 26 no change
Total membership 5392 on April 6th, 2012

All new members have been added to the NFOA mailing list

The April 2012 NFOA Board Meeting closed at 10pm on Tuesday April 10th, 2012.

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