NFOA announces new Officers and Standing committee chairs

The new Board of Directors have held their first meeting, and elected officers. Here are the results:

NFOA Officers for 2013

President: Wesley Dickinson

Vice President: Rod Moeller

Secretary: John Wallace

Treasurer: Chris Zeeb

Membership Coordinator: Dan Walz

Formation of Standing Committees
In addition to electing officers, the first meeting of the new Board also nominated and elected chairmen for a few standing committees. We need general membership to help man these committees. If you are interested in lending a hand, please click on that chairman’s name to contact them.

Committee Chairs:

Legislative:  Andy Allen

Events and Fundraising:  Guy Hielscher  and   Julie Howard

Communications:  John Wallace

Membership and Recruiting:  Tom Neal

Web Admin:  Dan Walz


John Wallace

Secretary, Board of Directors
Nebraska Firearms Owners Association
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