January 3, 2013

Dear Member,

We face a grave federal danger of the type not seen since 1994. Not only is absolutely everything about the Feinstein/Obama/Biden scheme unacceptable, if even a portion of it passes they will be back for more almost immediately.

That was precisely their game in 1993-94 when they ran the Brady Act, the “Violent Crime Control Act” (semi-auto ban), and would have followed with the truly draconian Brady II had the 1994 Republican Revolution not intervened.

We are starting to see Republicans cave, and there is an excellent chance the ban will pass the Senate, meaning it will have to be stopped in the House. I hope you agree that absolutely no “compromise” is possible because, as is so often the case, “compromise” as defined by our opposition is a process in which we lose just slightly less than what’s in their original proposal.

So far, the NRA is making all the right noises, but will they do the right thing when the ban begins to move? Or will they do as they did on armor-piercing handgun ammunition in the 1980s, on the Brady Act, on the first rendition of the Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act, on the NICS Improvement Act, and most recently on the Disclose Act? Namely, will the NRA “compromise”?

Compromise with politicians using words like confiscation and registration is not possible.  So the NFOA, in conjunction with other organizations throughout the country, has formed a national coalition to defeat the Obama/Biden/Feinstein proposal.  In this Member Alert, I’ll share with you some of the details of this exciting new Coalition.

In Liberty,


The NFOA, in conjunction with other organizations throughout the country, has formed a national coalition to defeat the Gun Ban proposal:

  • So far, 27 state and national organizations have joined the “National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban,” including all of the groups listed below;
  • The objective of the coalition is to kill the proposals. Period. It is not to “compromise” by saddling gun owners with restrictions and whining “It was the best we could get.”  Nothing less than the complete defeat of the Obama/Biden/Feinstein proposals will suffice;
  • All coalition members have agreed that “compromise” is not an option; AND
  • The member organizations launched the Coalition with a coordinated “Open Letter to Members of Congress” (included at the end of this email alert), and with coordinated press releases and membership alerts.
Coalition Members
National organizations:The Firearms Coalition, Gun Owners of America, Rights Watch International, Second Amendment Sisters,

State organizations:
Arizona Citizens Defense League, Arkansas Carry, Florida Carry, Inc., Grass Roots North Carolina, Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, Gun Owners of California, Gun Owners of Maine, Gun Owners of Vermont, Michigan Gun Owners, The Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, Montana Shooting Sports Association, New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society, Nebraska Firearms Owners Association, Oregon Firearms Federation, Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights, Shooters Committee on Political Education N.Y. Utah Shooting Sports Council, Virginia Citizens Defense League, West Virginia Citizens Defense League, Western Missouri Shooters Alliance, and Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

Your Immediate Action is Required!

As a Defender of the Second Amendment and a firearms owning Nebraskan, your help is needed right now:

  • HELP NFOA STOP THE BAN: NFOA and other members of the Coalition will be slugging this out in Congress.  It is a big project for us, but utterly essential.  If you have not done so (and even if you have), please join the battle and donate to the NFOA .

Suggested Subject: “STOP THE GUN BAN”

Nebraska Congressional representatives:

The Nebraska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA) has helped to create the “National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban,” a coalition of 27 national and state organizations which continues to grow with each day. Today, you received an “Open Letter to Members of Congress” from the NFOA and Coalition members.

The underlying goal is to defeat all gun control proposals being foisted on the American public by Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein, and others. Coalition members have agreed that in the most egregious attack on the Second Amendment in American history, no compromise is possible. As my representative, I’m certain you understand that the proposals must be stopped dead.

Any legislator who supports such measures will be punished electorally by coordinated actions of Coalition members. I want you to know that I support the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban, I will monitor its alerts and recommendations, and I will work to defeat all hostile legislators attacking the Second Amendment.




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