Nebraska is a MAIG FREE zone

For Immediate Release:
Nebraska Firearms Owners Association Applauds Ralston Mayor
Donald Groesser for Membership Resignation from Scandal-Laden Gun Control Group


OMAHA, NE, August 6, 2013 – Today the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA) applauds Ralston Mayor Donald Groesser’s membership resignation from the East Coast political group Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). Recently Mayor Groesser renounced his membership in the MAIG group founded and led by liberal billionaire and New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

Last week, the NFOA publicly called for Mayor Donald Groesser to denounce the anti-gun organization, MAIG, and resign his membership.  As a result of the NFOA’s request and the recent scandals with which MAIG has been associated (including the misuse of New York City tax dollars to fund the liberal group and padding their gun death “victim” numbers by including criminals justifiably shot by police or armed citizens in self defense), Ralston’s Mayor abandoned the allegedly deceitful and corrupt MAIG.

“This is great news and the NFOA would like to thank Mayor Groesser for choosing the rights of Nebraska citizens and Midwestern principles over Michael Bloomberg’s dishonest and potentially criminal gun control group,” stated NFOA President Wesley Dickinson. “MAIG sells itself as anti-crime, but in reality they’ve demonstrated they advocate total gun control and are against ALL civilian firearm ownership. We think Mayor Groesser recognizes that fact and the NFOA applauds the Mayor’s decision. Law-abiding Nebraska firearm owners can be proud to be part of a state where every single mayor has rejected the liberal MAIG and Bloomberg’s anti-gun agenda.”

MAIG brags of a membership of over 1,000 mayors nationwide, but recent news stories have surfaced of MAIG using deception and fraud to “recruit” new mayors. Walden, NY Mayor Brian Maher explained that while attending a mayoral conference he was asked to sign a “petition” affirming his support for safer neighborhoods. Shortly thereafter, he found his name amongst the list of MAIG members. “The organization never asked for permission or asked for approval to use my name to promote their agenda,” noted Mayor Maher, who disagreed with the anti-gun agenda of MAIG. “After several attempts and requests to be removed,” Mayor Maher continued, “I did finally receive a call from a representative of the organization attempting to ‘buy me off’ by promising political donations in return for my continued membership. It was not until I declined this payoff, that my name was finally removed.”

“Today, Ralston’s Mayor Groesser joined Walden’s Mayor Maher and numerous other mayors across the country who have recently abandoned MAIG,” Dickinson continued. “MAIG has lost yet another mayor who chose his citizens over an East Coast gun control group’s dishonest agenda.”
Wesley Dickinson
President NFOA
P.O. BOX 419
Syracuse, Nebraska 68446

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