Anti-Carry Business of the Week….Buffalo Wild Wings!

While it has been known that their corporation does not respect your natural right to self protection for a while now…BWW recently doubled down at many of their Nebraska locations with some new signage that makes that more clear than ever!

With so many choices in the over priced buffalo wing market…why would you want to spend Your Hard Earned Money where the 2nd Amendment is Not Respected?

If you view these ‘Magical No Gun Stickers’ like we do…this new signage does little more than to inform criminals that Everyone inside the establishment is UnArmed.

Even though you will hear “that this is a corporate decision”…we believe that the only way to get the wheels of change moving is to let them know exactly how much business that they are missing out on!

Nebraska Locations-
*Papillion #402-596-9464
*Omaha/76th & Dodge #402-343-9464
*Bellevue  #402-991-9464
*Omaha/Millard #402-861-9464
*Omaha/144th West Maple #402-492-9464
*Grand Island #308-381-7983
*Lincoln/Downtown #402-475-2999 (Franchisee)
*Lincoln/27th #402-328-2999 (Franchisee)
*Lincoln/Neb Hwy #402-488-2999 (Franchisee)

BWW Corporate



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Thank You!

We think that we need to take a moment to recognize the many people who made the Members Meeting a success!

First off, the NFOA Board Of Directors did a excellent job of planning & executing this event! Great work Rod, Jeremy, Patricia, Dan, Justin, & Julie!

Second we would like to thank all of those who volunteered their time to make this Meeting what it was!

*David Thomas & David Petta from Silencer HQ & DC Precision LLC

*Thomas Howard & Ardi from Precision Response

*Shawn Whittington Jr, Kelsey, & Dave from 88 Tactical

*Steve Hornady

*Jeff Rawlinson

*Senator Bill Kintner

*Terry Fitzgerald & Mustang Greg

*Teresa Roddy

*Alex Gac

*Sean Naylor

*Toby Asplin/Trek Tech Black

*Rise Armament

*Spec Ops Gear

*Armageddon Gear

*Midwest Leather Works


*DE Guns

*Naber’s Locked and Loaded

*Thunder Alley Indoor Shooting Range

* Andy Stebbing

*Handyman Joe’s

And to anyone that we missed…our sincerest apologies!

Make sure that you ‘SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT US’!

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NFOA Board Meeting Minutes June 2015

June 1, 2015

The June board meeting ran from 8 a.m. Monday June 1st through 10 p.m. Friday June 5th.

1.) Approve May Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved as posted.

2.) Treasurers Report
Beginning Book Balance- 5/1/15 $19,212.69

Total Expenditures- $661.55
-$38.96 Benchmark Email
-$622.59 Check #1084 – Phat Jacks Catering for Legislative Day

Total Deposits-$367.99
-Piryx Member Donations-$147.99
-SSG Forum Ad Renewal – $120.00
– Member Donations by Check – $100

Ending Book Balance- 5/31/15- $18,919.13

3.) Membership Report

The numbers for May 2015 are:

General membership 7656 + 76
Associate membership 53 +1
Youth membership 26 no change
Total membership 7735 +77 on June 1 2015

A copy of the file is stored in the Archives

4.) Committee Reports
4a.) Legislative

Thank you letters were prepared and sent to Chris Zeeb for his support of NFOA through offering a free Concealed Carry class for legislators and to Thunder Alley for donating their location for the event. The class went very well.

[li] Emphasis going forward is working with members of the Judiciary committee to discuss bills not brought forward in Exec to encourage commitment towards further discussion and advancing those bills out of committee. Additionally ongoing emphasis will be placed on scheduling LB289 early in the next session. Several other amendments to certain bills are being examined and work with Senators is ongoing.[/li][/list]

4b.) Member Engagement and Fundraising

The plans for a Raffle during the Annual Member meeting are going well. In addition to securing donations for the Raffle, the process for providing tickets to our members and strategies to increase the opportunity for expanding the Raffle, with adding new members as a benefit are underway.

4c.) Communications

Ongoing Facebook and Twitter efforts continue to generate excellent results. Dedicating a monthly budget for boosting Facebook engagements was discussed.

4d.) Web Admin
Discussed methods for tracking and trending Forum Activity cross referenced to Social Media efforts was discussed. The board will examine analytics from New Member, Most Online and New posts to establish baseline data to trend specific efforts.

5. Member Meeting
Promotional campaigns for the August 22 Member continue. Agenda for activities is firming up.

6. Old Business
NFOA Member merchandising website is almost ready for launch.

7. Action Items
Printing of NFOA recruiting posters
Printing of Member Postcards

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