Minutes of the December 2015 NFOA Board of Directors

NFOA Board Meeting
Held 8 AM Monday December 7th through 11:59PM Friday December 18th

1. Approve November Board Meeting Minutes
– Minutes approved as posted

2. Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Book Balance- 11/1/15- $20,691.45

Total Expenditures- $538.96
-$38.96-Benchmark Email
-$500.00 – Check #1088 Moeller Arms – reimbursement for H&K VP9

Total Deposits-$176.66
-$176.66-Piryx Member Donations

Ending Book Balance-11/30/15- $20,329.15

3. Membership Report
The numbers for November 2015 are:

General Members       8029   +110
Associate Members        92    +  34
Youth Members              26    Unchanged
Total Membership       8147  +144 on Dec 6th 2015

4. Committees
A. Legislative Committee
• 3 registered lobbyists for 2016 Legislative session
• Ongoing discussions held surrounding various bills
• NSP discussions are favorable
• Event planning discussions are posted to the BoD section to facilitate planning

B. Membership Engagement and Fundraising

C. Communications
•Received an outpouring of interest and support through the most recent Facebook campaign.  Millions of views, thousands of comments and hundreds of thousands of shares.  Directly contributed to achieving an unexpected Facebook page “like” milestone and new general and associate members to NFOA.

D. Website
• Initiating evaluation of other Non-Profit member management systems for integration into our website

5.Additional/Old Business

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Your Urgent Action Needed!




 Perfect case for LB-289 in Nebraska!

The Nebraska Legislature is set to debate the merits of LB-289 & we do not have to look far to see a real need for State Preemption of firearm laws in the Cornhusker state.

This past July a Lincoln Nebraska man had his firearm collection returned to him after a court case that was spearheaded by the Second Amendment Foundation.

The individual in this case was eligible to own firearms on a federal & state level but he was excluded from this Constitutional Right inside the city limits of Nebraska’s capital city because of a misdemeanor conviction in his past.

Reactionary municipal ordinances like this are in direct violation of Article One Section One of the Nebraska Constitution & the intent of LB-289 is to bring cities into compliance with their State Constitution.

Our Affiliate The Nebraska Firearms Owners Association is leading the charge towards State Preemption as lobbying efforts from the Bloomberg front groups begin to ramp up their efforts.

The N.F.O.A. does not need your money to win this battle, they need the Pro Liberty Grassroots involvement of Patriots like you. Take one minute, call a Nebraska State Senator & let them know that you support LB-289!

You can use the following link to get a list of the members of the Nebraska legislature.

Thank you for your help at this critical time.

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Thoughts on LB289

Below is a brief description of LB289 from Creighton Law Professor, and former Dean, Patrick Borchers. I appreciate Mr. Borchers taking time to share his thoughts with us on this critical piece of legislation.


by Patrick Borchers

Senator Ebke’s bill (LB 289) is an important effort to unify firearms regulation throughout our state and not allow localities to implement regulations that likely violate the Second Amendment.

Perhaps a brief history is in order. The U.S. Constitution as ratified gave to the federal government limited, enumerated powers. The Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the Constitution) was not included. The Anti-Federalists argued (it would turn out correctly) that the powers given to the federal government would expand and eclipse the powers of states.

As a concession to the Anti-Federalists, the Bill of Rights was enacted. As it would turn out, this was a fortunate event. The powers of the federal government (driven mostly by a vastly expansive interpretation of the Commerce Clause) turned out to be almost all-encompassing.

As the Supreme Court ruled as to the First Amendment (protection of free speech), the Fourth Amendment (protection against unreasonable searches) and various other parts of the Bill of Rights, the Supreme Court eventually ruled that the Second Amendment conferred a personal right to bear arms and that this right applied as against both the state and federal governments.

But for this to be truly meaningful, the right must apply across the state and not be subject to restrictive, local regulation. With terrorist attacks in the U.S. becoming an unfortunate reality, gun owners who seek to protect themselves and others who might be targets ought not be hamstrung by local and inconsistent regulation.

Senator Ebke’s LB 289 offers an important antidote.

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