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Join Us Today…we will NOT beg for your $…we Will keep you Informed with what you Need To Know as a Nebraska Firearms Owner!

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Heather Dougherty will be sorely missed by fellow Nebraska shooters

Heather DoughertyJust before midnight last night, Heather Dougherty passed away in Lincoln.  Many of you knew her from the many matches she, her husband Joel and her father Russ Bohaty attended.  Joel contacted a few of us to let us know she “went to heaven very peacefully”.  She will be sorely missed.  Please pray for her family and Joel in the days ahead.

As an aside, thank you all of you who attended our benefit matches at Thunder Alley the last two nights.  What a blessing as we raised nearly $1500.00 for a tribute to Heather.

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Public Votes for Unicameral Committee Chairs?

by Rick M.

The Nebraska Legislature has 14 standing committees that are organized around various public policy areas in order to facilitate the processing of legislation. Currently, section 8 of Rule #3 of the Unicameral states: ” The chairperson of each standing and select committee shall be selected by secret ballot on the floor of the Legislature.” This secret ballot goes against the original intent of the Unicameral system in which The People were intended to be the “Second House, by not allowing transparency to those who voted in their respective Senators.

The Nebraska and Douglas County Republican Parties(and possibly others) have passed a resolution calling for all votes for Committee chairs to be open, public, and recorded. This change would end the practice that has resulted in an excessive number of anti-2nd Amendment Senators elected to those chairs, despite their small percentage compared to the total number of Senators in the Legislature.

Committee chairs are many times the ultimate decider of which bills will and won’t make it to the floor of the Unicameral for debate. As such, the NFOA encourages it’s members to write, call and email their Senators(whether Republican or Democrat) to insist that they strive to change this antiquated rule in the goal of bringing transparency to the Committee Chair selection process.

A PDF copy of this Resolution can be viewed here courtesy of the DCRP.

Click here to find your Senator

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