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Repeal of local firearm ordinances proposed

Published March 20, 2015

Firearms regulation would be consistently enforced across the state under a bill heard by the Judiciary Committee March 19.

Introduced by Crete Sen. Laura Ebke, LB289 would repeal individual city and village ordinances governing the registration, possession, transportation, transfer and storage of firearms and ammunition. Cities and villages would retain the authority to enforce prohibitions on firearm discharge.

The bill also would revoke regulations that remain in some city and village ordinances but were superseded in 2006 by the Concealed Handgun Permit Act.

Ebke said that the wide range of firearms regulations enacted by Nebraska communities has created confusion for residents who travel with guns throughout the state. Laws governing how a hunting rifle may be transported and stored in a vehicle may differ in rural and urban communities, she said, causing Nebraska citizens to unintentionally violate the law.

Statewide, uniform gun regulations based on the state’s constitution and laws override local gun ordinances, Ebke said, calling the bill a “common sense modification.”

Anna Kopperud of the National Rifle Association testified in support of the bill. She said very few states still allow communities to set individual gun ordinances because of the confusion it causes.

“This patchwork [of gun regulations] makes compliance very difficult and almost impossible for responsible gun owners,” Kopperud said.

Marty Bilek of the Omaha mayor’s office agreed. In his testimony supporting the bill, he said numerous community ordinances sometimes are at odds with state gun ownership requirements.

“Cities and municipalities have made gun ownership unnecessarily cumbersome,” Bilek said.

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Let’s get LB289 state wide preemption passed!


The NFOA-PAF did a lot to help elect Senator Ebke, and know she is stepping up to assist NFOA!

Please show your support by signing our petition to end the patchwork of firearms laws in the state of Nebraska and sharing it to your interested friends.


NFOA Political Action Fund

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Minutes of the February 2015 NFOA Board meeting

The February board meeting ran from 8 a.m. Monday February 2nd through 10 p.m. Wednesday February 11th.  Meeting was extended due to various time conflicts.

1.) Approve January Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes approved as posted.

2.) Treasurers Report

Beginning Book Balance- 1/1/15  $16,710.85

Total Expenditures- $96.69
-One debit $38.96 to Benchmark Email
-Check #1079-$57.73   Four Seasons Awards/2014 Award

Total Deposits- $319.62
-$100 Member Donation Mailed to PO Box
-$219.62 Piryx Member Contributions

Ending Book Balance- 1/31/15  $16,933.78

3.) Membership Report

The numbers for this month are:

General membership           7749   increase of 107
Associate membership            51   no change
Youth membership                  26   no change
Total  membership              7826  +107 on Feb 1st 2015

A copy of the .xls file is stored in the BOD Archive board

A motion was made to audit the membership list to remove any duplicates. Motion passed.

4.) Committee Reports
4a.) Legislative
Details for the NFOA Day at the Legislature were discussed. A date of March 19th was decided. Reviewed the status of our legislative bills.

4b.) Member Engagement and Fundraising
Discussed the booth rental at the Omaha Boat Sports and Travel show in February. Contact with the boat show has not been easy to get with.  ABATE bike show is another opportunity the same week.  It was decided to have booth at ABATE show in Lincoln instead of the Omaha boat show.

A motion was made to approve $100 to secure the booth at ABATE bike show. passed.

4c.) Communications
Reviewed and discussed Facebook activities.  Getting very good exposure lately.  We discussed a few items related to the February newsletter.

4d.) Web Admin
Reviewed issues with Chrome browser and the NFOA Forum.

5. Member Meeting
Discussed possible speakers for the meeting and member-centered activities. Planning is ongoing.

6. Old Business
A motion was made to approve the annual $80 membership fee for Council of Nebraska Sportsmens Clubs.

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