NFOA annual members meeting coming soon!

Join us Saturday August 22nd for a fun filled day for the entire family! We will be hosting our Annual Members Meeting at Heartland Shooting Park in Grand Island & we would love to see you there! There will be guest speakers, demonstrations, great food, & plenty of hands on activities for everyone!


Do not worry if you are Not yet a member of the N.F.O.A….there is still time to Take A Stand With Us! Basic Membership is ALWAYS FREE & we will Not harass you for money after you join! Visit & join the 7600+ Nebraskans who are with us in supporting the 2nd Amendment!

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Contact your State Senator and let them know that we want Firearms Freedom in Nebraska

This year the N.F.O.A. fought hard to get LB-289 out of the Judiciary Committee which was a victory in itself. The fight is not over! This bill would eliminate the ability of municipalities to create Unconstitutional Firearms laws above & beyond what the state of Nebraska law requires. Even though LB-289 has a slim chance of being heard this year, We could all benefit from contacting our state senator & letting them know that we want Firearms Freedom in Nebraska….Vote YES on LB-289!


Find your Senator here…

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NFOA Board Meeting Minutes April 2015

The April board meeting ran from 8 a.m. Monday April 6th through 10 p.m. Friday April 10th.

1.) Approve March Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved as posted.

2.) Treasurers Report
Beginning Book Balance- 3/1/15 $18,186.69

Total Expenditures- $975.89
-$38.96 Benchmark Email
-$257.94 Pop Up Banner
-$160.33 Apis Annual Web Hosting
-$42.40 Pure Buttons NFOA Legislature Day
-$401.26 Moonlight Apparel/ 100 Coffee Mugs
-$75.00 Check#1082 Reimbursement To Jeremy Cady/ABATE Trade show expenses

Total Deposits-$181.41
-Piryx Member Donations-$181.41

Ending Book Balance- 3/31/15- $17,392.21

Motion made to approve the expenditure for paying $622.59 for catering the NFOA day luncheon
Motion Seconded

3.) Membership Report

The numbers for this month are:

General membership 7530 + 78
Associate membership 52 +1
Youth membership 26 no change
Total membership 7608 +79

A copy of the .xls file is stored in the Archives

4.) Committee Reports
4a.) Legislative

LB289 has successfully left the Judiciary Committee and is on General File. Our work will continue to encourage Speaker Hadley to provide it a full hearing
Given the possibility inherent in State Preemption legislation, a large scale effort may be required to update city/municipalities whose laws on the books are superseded by the State.
Other Bills that remain in committee are not likely to advance to the General File this session.

4b.) Member Engagement and Fundraising
Merchandising efforts are underway. Options for NFOA merchandising through a current vendor/supporter.
Starting with T-shirts and maybe sweatshirts as a suggested starting point.

Member engagement was discussed. Board members discussed strategies that would strike the hearts and minds of our members and generate active participation.

Fundraising ideas were discussed including beginning a members-only raffle and drawing the winner at our next Members’ Meeting.

4c.) Communications

Feedback indicates we need to increase our ability to more rapidly respond to news/legislative updates etc. While our members were certainly engaged and generating promotional messages, we need to be more proactive and prolific. Future topic areas for the newsletter were also discussed

4d.) Web Admin
Nothing significant to report

5. Member Meeting
Planning is ongoing. Save the Date Message blast is needed soon.

6. State Fair
NFOA booth at the state fair for 2015 may be tabled till next year.

8. Piryx
Piryx is the system currently in use for donations to NFOA. The system is targeted at non-profits and political campaign fundraising. System Support can be difficult to secure and other issues impacting member ability to make donations have occurred. A potential replacement for this system might rectify these issues.

9. Old Business
Nothing significant to report

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