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Author Topic: CSAT Civilian Response to Active Shooter Course  (Read 224 times)

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CSAT Civilian Response to Active Shooter Course
« on: August 10, 2018, 10:34:20 AM »
"The Training far surpassed my expectations. This is the best hands-on training I have attended pertaining to an active shooter situation. Keep up the great work!" - (Nebraska Law Enforcement Officer)

"The Concepts are simple and easily applied. I especially benefited from target discrimination and CQB." - Kurt (Lincoln, NE)


Safety Systems Group is an authorized trainer for the CSAT Civilian Response to Active Shooter Course (CRAS). The CRAS Course was developed by Paul Howe from Combat Shooting and Tactics. Paul is the owner and lead instructor for CSAT and has over 35 years of experience in law enforcement, military and security areas. Paul’s experience include LE, Tier 1 Special Ops/TL, Tier 1 Senior Instructor, Combat veteran of multiple venues and operations, LE SWAT and Tactical Trainer for over 20 years. The Guardian Program is currently being used by school districts in Texas and churches in Nebraska. A comprehensive list of units/departments Paul has trained can be found at www.combatshootingandtactics.com

COURSE OBJECTIVE:  The course will focus on safely resolving active shooter problems wherever they are encountered to include a safe link up with police. Course material will be applicable to CCW holders and law enforcement personnel. This class instructs students on the safe employment of a firearm during active shooter incidents in schools, churches, offices or other venues where these crimes have occurred.

Course is limited to 12 students.
Registration: Email cblocker@avoidthefight.com. You do not have a slot in the course unless you get an email from me.
Price - $700 per student. Payment due at beginning of class.
Where: www.nebraskashooters.com
When: Fri Sep 21st - Sun Sep 23rd.
Fri Sep 21st 6PM-9PM (Classroom)
Sat Sep 22nd 8AM-5PM (Range)
Sun Sep 23rd 2PM-6PM (Range)
Class will begin at start time so arrive early enough to get geared up ahead of time and be ready to go when class begins.
Pistol training certificate (approved by the instructor)
Current CCW permit from their state

Safe and adequate holster
Adequate belt.
Concealed garment or concealment bag
Minimum of 3 mags
Eye and Ear Protection
Ammunition – 400 rounds
Active shooter bag or method to carry medical supplies
Inclement weather gear as appropriate

Combat Mindset
Case Studies
Range Fire
Barricade Work
Vehicle Deployment
Exterior Contact
Hallway CQB
Single CQB
Link up with Police
There are two components to the CRAS Scoring Standards, Shooting Standards and Scenario Training.
Shooting Standards:
The drills below are designed with three purposes in mind:
1. A measurable standard to maintain.
2. An efficient stair-stepped workout program that covers all the bases.
3. To test the individual shooter at various times to show areas needing improvement.

All shooting standards are shot at 7 yards on a CSAT target. Students have to pass 5 of the 7 drills to be certified. Total of 19 rounds.
Starting position Drill Target Time

1. Ready 1 shot 1 target 2 seconds
2. Holster 1 shot 1 target 3 seconds
3. Ready 2 shots 1 target 3 seconds
4. Ready 5/1 shots 1 target 6 seconds
5. Ready 4 shots 2 targets 7 seconds
6. Ready 1 shot/Malfunction 1 target 5 seconds
7. Ready 4 shots/2 reload 2 1 target 10 seconds

Scenario Training:
1. Outside Contact
2. Room Contact
3. Hallway Contact/moving a body safely
4. T intersections
5. Tourniquet application

All scenarios must be performed to a standard. Minimum of two body hits per threat target. No misses. No hostage targets will be hit.
Standard picture targets from LE Targets will be used. Standards and scenarios will be shot from concealed carry holsters.

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Re: CSAT Civilian Response to Active Shooter Course
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2018, 10:35:20 AM »
A few other comments from former students on the course:

"You guys are great instructors! You have sincere hearts and exceptional skills. You helped us to crawl, walk and gave us a goal to run. That's because you knew what we needed." - Terry (Lincoln, NE)

"This is a great class. Cody is very skilled at judging a team's skill level and adopting the class accordingly." - Tom (Omaha, NE)