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Author Topic: Handgun Instructor Credentialing Course 12/1-12/2 Marksman Indoor Shooting Range  (Read 303 times)

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Our next United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Instructor credentialing course is scheduled for December 1st and 2nd at the Marksman Indoor Shooting Range.  Earlier classes can be held before that time if at least 2 instructor candidates can agree on a schedule. The USCCA instructor credential is recognized by the Nebraska State Patrol for CHP Instructor candidates.  The USCCA curriculum provided by the TC has been approved for CHP instruction in Nebraska.

The credentialing process takes 2 steps.
Step 1: Registration with and payment to USCCA to take the online preparation course and purchase of the Instructor Took Kit (discounted for instructor candidates).
Step 2: Registration and payment for the two-day instructor course and range evaluation (Price Includes range fees, light breakfast and refreshments.

1. Call USCCA and tell them you are taking the USCCA Instructor Course with Patricia Harrold on December 1st and 2nd and would like to purchase the Tool Kit and eLearning course. The Telephone number is, 1-877- 677-1919. This e-learning course is intended for you to become familiar with the course material before the Instructor Course.

2. Register for the two-day Instructor course

You will receive from USCCA:
eLearning Course that teaches you the course content, instructional best practices and course management fundamentals.  This will prepare you to succeed during the 2-day classroom and range qualification portion of the training.

Instructor Tool Kit which includes - 235 slide PowerPoint Presentation, (10) Conceal Carry and Home Defense Manuals, Classroom Videos and classroom posters, (10) Conceal Carry Magazines, Official Instructor Apparel and more!

Access to the Instructor Web-Portal

Access to additional curriculum modules to expand your training offerings

We will provide:
Multi-Media and Classroom/Range
Condensed Course Instructors Manual
Beverages and Snacks

Experienced in the safe and responsible handling of handguns
Moderate marksmanship
Professional attitude
Willingness to share and advance your expertise

The class and live fire qualification will be held at the Marksman Indoor Shooting Range, 2505 River Road Drive Waterloo, NE 68069 (Just West of 204th and Dodge Street)

Instructor Qualification:
Each Instructor Candidate will demonstrate a portion of several modules from each chapter, and each peer candidate will have the opportunity to offer positive suggestions towards one another's performances. The Training Counselor will evaluate candidate performance, provide feedback and ensure achievement of performance standards.

Live Fire Qualification:
Varying speeds
The Center Mass is 11.5” wide X 17.5” high.
The Silhouette is 21” wide X 34” High

15 ft. (1 round, center mass),
15 ft. (10 rounds, center mass),
21 ft. (10 rounds, center mass),
45 ft. (10 rounds within the silhouette).
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